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Instructional Aides

Ana De La Hoya - Educational Resource Aide


Mrs. De La Hoya has been at Sharp Elementary for 25 years. She was the clerk/assistant to the Categorical Program Advisor for 21 years and served as the Classified Representative on the School Site Council for several years. She currently works with the Intervention Coordinator, under whose supervision she works with small groups to address the needs of students struggling with foundational reading skills.

She graduated from CSU Northridge with a B.A. in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on Language and Diversity. She hasn’t ruled out going back to school to obtain a credential to teach in the future, but for now, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two girls and encouraging and nurturing their dreams and aspirations.

Favorite Quote: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Joseph Cortez


Mr. Cortez has been working at Sharp Elementary since January of 2019. As a Teacher’s Assistant, he is tasked with helping teachers, students, and staff throughout the year excel and keep the school running like a well-oiled machine. Being a college student studying for his bachelor’s degree, he sees the importance of helping our youth grow and explore new ideas and interests using today's modern-day tools and technology. It is with great enthusiasm that he works beside them showing them that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Throughout the years, he had a great interest in technology and learned that with the right help these kids can overcome obstacles of this new age, and together we can be SHARP STRONG!

asiaAsia Navarro - SRLDP / PALS


Coach Asia has been working at Sharp Avenue Elementary since 2015! She is a General Education TA & a proud Sharp Eagle. Her favorite color is purple and she loves to sing and dance. She is also the Cheerleading coach for the Woodcraft Rangers!!! 

Brenda Torres - RtI Aide


Brenda was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, educated in the LAUSD system starting at Sylmar Elementary and graduating from San Fernando High School. She has been at Sharp for two years as a teacher assistant and campus aide. She loves interacting with all grade level students in and out of the classroom. She enjoys getting to know every student on a personal level and watching them grow academically and intellectually so throughout the year(s). 

marthaMartha Castaneda - Special Ed.


Ms. Castaneda has been working for the LA Unified School District for 32 years. She has been a teacher assistant and her primary job is to support instruction in the classroom.  She also works offering differentiated instruction working with a small group of students to help them with their reading and writing. She has experience with some programs like SFA, E-Cal, English Now, and I also provided tutoring for Open Court Reading. She has also served as a supervisory aide, supervising students in the lunch area and the yard.  Currently, she is a Special Ed Teacher Assistant. I help with reading, writing, math, and behavior.  She also works with Woodcraft Rangers after school program.  Always talented and artistic, she teaches the students who participate in her class art skills, painting, coloring, arts & crafts, etc.

Claudia de Santiago - Special Ed. 


Ms. de Santiago assists the teacher by supporting students with any learning disabilities, emotional, and or behavioral disabilities; as identified by their IEP. She attended Los Angeles Pierce College for three years, majoring in child development. She has been working with children and adults with special disabilities (autism/down syndrome) for twenty years, and she has been at Sharp Avenue Elementary for five years assisting in the RSP class, Special day class, and the PALS program. She believes in going beyond her job assigned duties by supporting students with all the understanding, flexibility, and patience that they may need to accomplish their goals. She is a single mother of two wonderful children who are adults now, but she continues to support them through their college education as she has always made them see the importance of education. She has taught them the priorities of life which are God, family, and education. She has always held teachers in such high regard and how high the importance of teachers is in all societies. For without teachers, we would not have any professions such as; doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, and so forth. She loves the Institute of Education and loves being a part of it!

ericaEricka Garcia - Special Ed. 


She was born in California and moved to the city of Pacoima at the age of 5. She attended Haddon Ave. School, Pacoima Middle School, and San Fernando High School. After high school, she took classes at Mission College while working as a teacher aide at Haddon Ave. Elementary. She has worked for LAUSD since 1994 and she been a special ed. assistant at Sharp Elementary for 21 years. 

yaizaYaiza Rodriguez- Special Ed. (BII)


Yaiza was born in Panorama City. She went to Morningside Elementary, San Fernando Middle, and San Fernando High School Magnet Program. She then attended College of the Canyons. She started working at Sharp Elementary in 2014 as a General Ed. Assistant, and in 2018 she became a Special Ed. Assistant. She also works in the after school program, Woodcraft Rangers. She enjoys working with kids and getting to know each child and watch them grow and achieve their goals. 

soniaSonia Santacruz - Special Ed. ETK 


Sonia Santacruz has had the wonderful pleasure of working at Sharp for 4 years. During those years she has worked with the PALS program and is currently working with ETK. While she loves working with all students, her determination, patients, and nurturing personality led her to want to work with special needs students. She loves to be creative, attentive, caring, helpful, and silly. 

Elizabeth Covarrubias - Special Ed. PALS


Ms. Covarrubias has been working at Sharp Avenue Elementary since 2001. She has worked as a special education assistant with children of various ages and grade levels. She is also part of the Woodcraft Rangers after school program. She is an early literacy club leader for kindergarten students. She enjoys working with the Sharp family and building interpersonal relationships with staff, students, and parents alike. She believes that the most fulfilling aspect of working at Sharp is having the ability to facilitate the development of essential life skills, social skills, and implementing positive behavior strategies within a school setting to better aid the success for students both academically and in their communities. 

Laura Esqueda - Special Ed. PALS


Ms. Laura has been employed by LAUSD as a Bilingual Teacher Assistant since 1985. She has worked many of those years in the preschool program (SRLDP).  Currently,  she is a special ed. assistant with the Special day class, Specific Learning Disabilities.

Isabel Ordaz - Special Ed. PALS


Ms. Ordaz has been working at Sharp Ave Elementary for almost four years now as a special education assistant working with preschool students. She loves working with students of all ages, but preschool is her favorite because she loves watching them grow physically and intellectually. Her job is very rewarding and gives her satisfaction knowing she can make a difference in a child’s life.

Virginia Ordaz


Ms. Ordaz has been working at Sharp Ave. Elementary since November of 2019.  Though she is a young adult, she can say she has been around a lot of kids throughout her life to be able to have an idea of what actually working with kids is like. She enjoys being around the kids and being able to teach them material they will need for any point in life. She is going to school, right now I’ve been taking online classes. The most current class I’m taking is Geology. She enjoys going to school to learn new things and when taking an online class she feels it’s like you get to teach yourself the new material as well. She is a fast learner and a fast and efficient worker; when given a task, She gets that task done in a timely manner.

Alejandra Flores - Special Ed. PSC


Ms. Flores is the mommy of one. She is a former Sharp Eagle and has been working here since 2010. She began as a Woodcraft Rangers Club Leader, worked as a Teacher’s assistant with Mrs. Garay in RTI (the “Flower Room”), and currently work as a Special Education Baseline in our PSC classroom. She will receive her BA this fall in Child and Adolescent Development and plan to pursue a Masters in Early Childhood Education at CSUN.  As an individual raised in Pacoima, she aspires to continuously advocate for our youth to have access to higher education as well as promoting improved college outcomes so that they may accomplish their future goals. 

omarqOmar Quezada - Special Education Aide


Omar Quezada is a Special Education Paraprofessional. Has been working with children with special needs for 2 years. Is currently in school working on Bachelor in Business Administration. Mr. Quezada resides in Los Angeles, California.

richardRichard Ramos - Special Education Aide


Mr. Ramos has worked for Sharp Ave Elementary for almost a year. He has worked with Special Education for 4 years, 2 of those years being with LAUSD. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he moved to the Valley at the age of 12. He attended Parkman Middle School, now known as Woodland Hills Academy. He attended Canoga Park High School and earned his high school diploma.

Luz Jose


Ms. Luz was born in Manila, Philippines. She was a grade school teacher before coming to the United States.  She worked at a bank for many years, but working with children was really her passion.  She decided to come back to the field of education and has been with LAUSD since 1998.  Ms. Luz has been married for 34 years, has two daughters, a puppy named Snooky, and one adorably cute grandson.  

Campus & Supervisory Aides


Osbaldo Herrera


Mr. Herrera has worked here for about two years and it's safe to say that he enjoys every day of his time here.  He spends most of his time working in the intervention room or as the kids would call it the flower room. He hopes to be able to continue to work and make a positive difference in the lives of these children. 


Gabby Valenzuela


Gabby has been a supervisory aide at Sharp Avenue Elementary for 5 years.


Andrea Ortega- Supervision Aid 


Ms.ortega was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She attended Haddon Ave Elementary school, Pacoima Middle School, San Fernando High school, and Los Angeles Mission College. She has been working at Elementary as a supervision aid since 2019. Her job is to make sure the students play safely during recess as well as help teachers in the classrooms with learning activities. She enjoys interacting with the students and seeing the progress they make in their reading and writing skills every day.