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Gifted & Talented

Our Mission

Gifted and Talented students are unique and special in so many ways. Our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program provides a unique opportunity for gifted students to learn, interact, and share ideas with students who are their intellectual peers. The GATE staff works to serve the needs of the whole child, facilitating the development of their academic growth, the strengthening of their social and emotional knowledge, and their overall needs in a safe and supportive environment.


Shea Shanks & Lois Scott-Vogel

GATE Programs

Sharp Avenue Elementary provides a cluster model within the classroom for students identified as Gifted and Talented (GATE).  The program is a comprehensive program that seeks to enrich the academic experience of our students with standards-based lessons, project-based learning, and interest classes for our students.  Parents who wish to learn more about how their child is receiving GATE services should contact their child's teacher or Sharp's GATE coordinators Mrs. Shanks or Mrs. Scott-Vogel. For additional information about the GATE program visit the Los Angeles Unified School District website at

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