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Character Traits

Character education is the deliberate effort to develop virtues that are good for our students, communities, society, and the world. The objective goodness of virtues is based on the fact that virtues:

  • Affirm our human dignity
  • Promote the well-being and happiness of the individual
  • Serve the common good
  • Define our rights and obligations
  • Meet the classical ethical tests of reversibility (Would you want to be treated this way?) and universalizability (Would you want all persons to act this way in a similar situation?).

Character Trait Focus:

  • August - Responsibility
  • September - Respect
  • October - Trusworthiness
  • November - Citizenship
  • December - Perseverance
  • January - Fairness
  • February - Caring
  • March - Respect
  • April - Courage
  • May - Self-Control

Adopted from Dr. Thomas Lickona

Parent Teacher Association - PTA

Would you like to join our PTA?  We are looking for parents who want to get involved with their child's school.  PTA is the main fundraising commitee that supports our school.  PTA has funded field trips and has given funds to the school for classroom materials.  Please join us, we need your help!! Contact Kyla Hinson, Principal for more information at 818-896-9573.  The PTA membership drives starts right now.  Please join PTA now!


Other Resources

Parent Center

Work in the Parent Center is based on the following values:

  • Student achievement is defined as every student reaching their full potential
  • Respect is defined as fostering the inherent worth of every individual
  • A strong bond between Parent, Student, and Teacher is critical to achievement
  • Every school has a unique relationship with its community that can facilitate parent-student-teacher collaboration
  • Parent Centers should welcome parents from their school community and conform to their schedules and languages, and provide a list of resources and services

Parent Center Location: Room 1

Parent Center Director: Maggie Mariscal - Lopez 


You are cordially invited to meet with the principal and learn about our school.  This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get more information about the vision for our school. Please join us!

     Where: Parent Center - Room 1

     Time: 8:30 a.m.

     Dates: See the school calendar for dates

English Learners Advisory Committee

Please come out and learn about our English Learners Advisory Committee.  Meeting are opened to all parents and community members.

          Election Meeting of Advisory Committee 

          Where: Parent Center - Room 1

          See School Calendar for dates and times





School Site Council is the decision-making council at the school site.  Please come and join us to learn about the direction of the school.


     Where: School Library

     Time: 7:30 a.m.


  • September 21, 2018
  • October 18, 2018
  • November 15, 2018
  • January 17, 2019
  • February 21, 2019
  • March 21, 2019





The Sharp Avenue Elementary School Parent Engagement Policy was mailed to all parents on November 2018.  This document is available on this website in both English and Spanish.  If you have any questions regarding this document or would like to get involved in any of our volunteer programs, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.






The Sharp Avenue Elementary School Parent Compact for Achievement were mailed to all our parents on November 2018.  This document is available for your viewing on this website in both English and Spanish.  If you have any questions regarding this document or would like to get involved in any of our volunteer programs, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.


We believe the Breakfast in the Classroom program provides great benefits for our students, including:

  • Increase their academic performance
  • Decrease absenteeism and tardiness
  • Increase their attention span and focus
  • Reduce their visits to the nurse because of hunger
  • All students have the opportunity to eat together in a family-like setting, promoting social skills, increasing responsibility, and developing other important life skills.
  • BIC’s additional revenue will help save hundreds of jobs for school employees.
  • A percentage of the BIC additional revenue will be allocated to schools.
  • All menus and foods served meet USDA standards.

Cafe LA

Cafeteria Menu

Parents Involved in Education (PIE)

PIE is committed to excellence at Sharp Avenue Elementary with the meaningful involvement of parents in children’s education.

Our next meeting will be in October.  Please come and join us in Room 1 to discuss and learn ways to help our students achieve!

Madrinas & Padrinos

Our "Madrinas & Padrinos" volunteer is a strong group of parents that help inside as well as outside of the classroom, as well as, at home.  They are vital to having teaching materials and special projects ready for our students to use.  "Madrinas & Padrinos" meet every Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at the Parent Center.  Please come and join this incredible and hard working group of parents.


We have so many lost items of clothing.  Please make sure to put your child's name on the inside of jackets and sweaters.  Our lost and found is located inside the Parent Center - Room 1.