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Mrs. Linda Togneri - PALS - Room 3

Mrs. Leonor Saa - PALS - Room 4

Mrs. Patty Hackman - PALS - Room 5

Mrs. Yvonne Galvan - PALS - Room 6

Mrs. Bertha Lauritsen - ETK - Room 20

Mrs. Olga Terrazas - ETK - Room 20


Mrs. Claudia Weissmann - Room 14

Mrs. Kathleen Forero - Room 19

Ms. Chris Butler - Room 21

Ms. Karrie Alfaro - TK - Room 22

Grade 1

Mr. Christian Weissmann - Room 13

Mrs. Carmina Gil - Room 11

Mrs. Miranda Donovan - Room 16

Mrs. Van Tran - Room 9

Mrs. Mary Mask - Special Educ. - K2 - Room 2

Grade 2

Mrs. Rachel Blakeslee - Room 41

Mrs. Maria Saldivar - Room 44

Mrs. Diana Fuchikami - Room 47

Mr. Robert Fuchikai - Room 48

Grade 3

Mrs. Carmen Cortez - Room 23

Mrs. Eva Guzman - Room 24

Ms. Alicia Martin - Room 29

Mrs. Jackie Hansen - Room 43

Grade 4

Mrs. Patty VanSciver - Room 32

Mr. Victor Ledezma - Room 33

Mrs. Patti McFerren - Room 34

Mr. Steven Kosoy - Room 35

Mr. Tom VanSciver - Special Education - Room 31

Grade 5

Mrs. Lois Scott-Vogel - Room 36

Mrs. Scott-Vogel was born in the Panama Canal Zone and was raised in Panama City, Panama.  After completing high school with a Baccalaureate in Business, she moved to the United States to pursue her college education.  She obtained a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from California State University Northridge.  In 1997, after a successful career as a business owner and manager in corporate America, she left the business world to become a classroom teacher. She obtained her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and an M.A. in Educational Administration from California State University Northridge.  She has served the students and parents of Sharp Avenue Elementary in various capacities including Master Teacher, Grade Level Representative, Targeted Student Programs Advisor, School Site Council President, Student Council Teacher, PTA Treasurer, and PTA Secretary. Currently, she co-coordinates, along with Mrs. Shanks, the Gifted and Talented Programs and is the webmaster for the school's website. Always an avant-garde educator, Mrs. Scott-Vogel is always implementing new technologies and cutting-edge educational practices to ensure student success.

Favorite Quote: "It doesn't matter if we teach them how to read and write if we lose them as basic human beings." - Leo Buscaglia


Mrs. Shea Shanks - Room 37

Mr. Craig Bennington - Room 38

Mrs. Susana Campos - Room 30

Mrs. Terry An - Special Education - Room 26

Mr. Tom Van Sciver - RSP - Room 31