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Principal's Message

October 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians, 


As we complete the first week of October we have been in school 30 days. We have completed the Beginning of the Year (BOY) DIBELS assessments, and Initial ELPAC Assessments (for English Language Learners). We have completed our Back to School Night and have reconfigured for Norm Day since we grew enrollment and added a class on September 20, 2019. A lot has already happened in a short period of time!


Attendance Updates:  Unfortunately, we have 50 students or 8.1% of our students with Chronic Attendance (have attended school 90% or less of the time). The District goal is that no child misses more than 7 instructional days a school year. We have students with more than that many days of absences already. Studies show that students with Chronic Attendance have a larger probability of not meeting grade-level standards. The parents of these students are receiving phone calls every morning reminding them that there is school and their child needs to attend.


Safety Updates: Traffic Safety continues to be a concern on campus. Please adhere to all the traffic laws when dropping off and picking up your child after school. We still have community members speeding on Bartee, Pierce Street, and Sharp Ave. This is a concern because we have many children crossing the street and cars can easily injure our children. Please remind our students to use the crosswalks to cross the street and not to run across the street from behind cars. This is a dangerous practice since many of the children are too small to be seen until it is too late. Parents, please be advised that we have asked School Police and LAPD to monitor traffic around our school. All Community members who are doubled parked, leaving cars unattended in the middle of the street, are loading or unloading in the red zone or bus zone may be cited since these practices go against the traffic laws.

  • Vendors: Parents, please refrain from buying from the vendors. District policy is that all vendors must be at least 500 feet from campus. The LA County regulations state they must be at least 1000 feet away. School Police and LAPD have spoken to our vendors because they are also not following the legal policies. When vendors block sidewalks adjacent to the campus they also pose a safety hazard. We ask you to please only buy from the vendors across the street from the campus if you choose to do so. We ask you to remember that they are not regulated by any agencies for food safety.
  • “Great Shake”: We will also be having our California “Great Shake” drill on Thursday, October 17th. Mr. Molina will be sending out information in the Thursday, October 10, 2019 communication folder.

Hispanic Heritage Day: We will be having our Hispanic Heritage Dance/Celebration on Friday, October 18th at 8:15 a.m. on the main yard. On this day, school starts at 7:45am, students will have breakfast in the classroom and once students are seated in the assembly area, we will allow community members to enter the yard from the Pierce Street gate located by the Sharp Street Staff Parking Lot.


Halloween: We will be having a Halloween parade on Thursday, October 31, 2019, at 8:15 am. I do want to share the expectations regarding Halloween and the festivities.

  • Costumes: Only costumes that are appropriate for an elementary campus will be permitted. For safety reasons, students cannot wear masks that cover their faces as they walk to and from the parade area. They will, however, be allowed to wear them only as they walk the parade route. Please advise your child that they are not to wear masks as they walk to and from the parade area. Also, costumes with weapons are not acceptable. The District has a no-tolerance policy for weapons. Please keep guns, knives, swords and other weapons at home. They will be taken away from the students if they are on campus.
  • Treats: If you are planning on providing treats to the classrooms on Halloween, please be advised that they must be sent to school with your student. The office will not collect nor call the class to interrupt instruction on this day. We are also asking parents to not send any edible items in the treat bags. We have several students with severe allergies and dietary restrictions. Treat bags can contain pencils, erasers, and other small toys.
  • Non-participation: If you would prefer your child to not participate in the Halloween parade for personal reasons, please notify the classroom teacher. We will have an alternative activity for students who are not to participate for personal reasons.
  • Attendance: Halloween is an instructional day; please keep in mind students are expected to be in school on this day. If they are absent, they will need a note. In order for the absence to be excused, it must fall under an excusable reason (illness, death in the family, an appointment for the child with appropriate documentation, and so on).



Brenda Fernandez





Our Mission

The Sharp Avenue School Community will assure that all students will be provided with a rigorous standards-based curriculum, quality instruction and the opportunity to learn and develop as positive assets to society.

Our Vision

All Sharp Avenue School students will be successful in all levels of education.  They will continue to be lifelong learners prepared to succeed in college and/or the workplace. They will become an asset to our society as positive role models by demonstrating strong character and good citizenship.